• Go Paperless

    SDIGI CARE’s online modules help evade piles of paperwork by keeping records of all data that the school requires, execute all the work online and carry out all processes related to school management on a single platform.

  • Data Security And Backup

    A cloud based service saves data on cloud instead of saving it on decentralized databases hence, the data can be retrieved easily. Backup of data is automatic and the school doesn’t have to invest in hardware to store data.

  • Easy to
    implement and use

    The intuitive user interface of SDIGI CARE allows users to learn the operations on their own. Our in-app self-help document familiarises newcomers with the school management system.

  • Provides personalised

    SDIGI CARE helps in setting your dashboard exactly the way you want. Its high-end features such as Quick Links enable you to hand-pick the features and get a quick view of the key metrics.

  • Online And On-Site
    Client Support

    SDIGI CARE support is available online and on site, 24x7, to aid any technical help required. The services offered are quite stable and user-friendly thus much troubleshooting.

  • Saves time

    There is always a shortage of one precious resource – time. There’s hardly enough time to engage with your students, inspire your teachers or interact with parents due to other tasks at hand. So, SDIGI CARE helps in saving time without costing a fortune.

  • Eliminates
    redundancy of work

    SDIGI CARE removes duplication of work. It expedites the management functions by ensuring that all the information or data once saved is updated and reflected throughout the system, ensuring data consistency.

  • Access data
    anywhere anytime

    All information and data are saved on a cloud-based network and users can access data anywhere and anytime through devices such as mobile phones, tablets and iPads with their personalised usernames and passwords.

  • Cost And Energy

    A cloud based service has the expedience to generate reports, receipts and challans through the software. The reports can be exported in PDF, Excel, Word and other formats.

  • Graphical

    Get a 360-degree view of all the departments of the school management system through graphical representation, which helps in analysing and preparing a complete school management report instantly, resulting in faster decision making.

  • Easy tracking
    with mobile app

    Through the mobile app, you can actively participate in the day-to-day activity of your school at your convenience. Tracking attendance records, applying for leave, etc., is made easier with the mobile app.

  • Easy
    migration of data

    Using SDIGI CARE, the data signed off in Excel format can be converted to the desired format of ERP and uploaded. It also encourages bulk upload wherein multiple sets of data can be uploaded easily.